“It’s about time you had a website that works as hard as you do.”

- Ciera Krinke, CEO

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Does this sound familiar?

“My business is still pretty new, and I know I need a website to promote my product, but I can’t afford one yet because I haven’t had a ton of sales. BUT, I know I can’t expect to get more sales without a website - It’s a lose-lose cycle with no solution!”

“I have a website, but I don’t love it, and feel embarrassed to send clients to it. But I don’t have the funds, yet, to hire a large firm, so I’m just ignoring the problem.”

Trust me - I get it. It breaks my heart when I see people with amazing ideas/products/services that they can’t get out into the world because they feel like there is no way they can afford a custom website. When I started C. James Innovations, my goal was to bridge the gap between having no website at all, and hiring a large branding/marketing firm. I’m not here to compete with those firms, or to compete with heavily coded, custom websites - I’m here to to help you get your business off the ground (or take your current business to the next level) by utilizing a simple, sleek, and more cost-effective platform: Squraespace.

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“I want you to feel like you have a partner in this…someone who really sees you and what you are trying to accomplish

- Ciera Krinke, CEO

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