Some cool techy-things that I'm excited about

I'm always on the lookout for programs that will make me more efficient in my business - but then also things that just sound really cool. Here's a few of those things:

1. Canva - if you aren't using Canva already, you are missing out. Think of it as a graphic design program for people that don't know sh*! about graphic design. Do I think it will solve all of your graphic design needs? Absolutely not. It has it's limitations. But for those who are just starting out, and likely on a budget, this is a great program to use to create some beautiful design pieces - everything from brochures, to price lists, to social media graphics. 


2. Squarespace Email Campaigns - okay, so this hasn't officially launched to the general public yet, but I am SO excited about this. As the title implies, Squarespace is launching their own email campaign program (think MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc.). I've always felt kindof 'meh' about the email programs that are currently out there, so when I heard Squarespace was coming out with their own I had a feeling it was going to be pretty awesome. A few reasons why I think it's going to be really cool: 1.) Visual Consistency - Branding is all about maintaining visual consistency, and what better way to do that than to basically have your Squarespace email campaign automatically match your website branding? 2.) Analytics - okay, so all email campaign programs have this, but Squarespace is known for having really clean, easy-to-understand backend analytics and these will be able to talk directly with your website and with any eCommerce you might have - you will basically get to see the entire conversion tunnel in one place. Damn. 3.) Mobile Responsiveness - Like everything that Squarespace does, it's guaranteed to be mobile responsive which is SO IMPORTANT. 


3.) Making Squarespace sites not so....flat. So, we can all agree that Squarespace is a great platform for building website, AND we can also agree that sometimes Squarespace sites can start to all look the same, and tend to be a little flat (yawn-fest). I'm excited to see more and more Squarespace designers implementing more customized features, as well as making sites more interactive. 

Ciera Krinke