How I Can Add Value:



  • The ins and outs of taking a great idea and making it a business
  • The logistics of starting a business:
    • Making it legal
    • Setting up infrastructure
    • Figuring out your financials
    • FREE resources that can help you get off the ground
    • How to figure out what you can handle vs. what you need to outsource
  • Defining the SOP's (standard operating procedures) for your business
  • Identifying software needs (how are you storing information? What information are you storing? How is it organized? What are you doing with it?)


  • Fully customized designs
  • Content management training (I want to be able to teach you how to manage your own site, so that you aren't constantly paying out-of-pocket every time you need to make a change)
  • Mobile responsive design (it's imperative that your user experience is flawless on mobile)
  • Unlimited support during the project
  • One month free post-launch support
  • Copy writing services 
  • eCommerce development (and I'll run you through exactly how eCommerce works, what fees you can expect to pay, etc)
  • Tutorials on reading website analytics
  • Links to social media accounts
  • Newsletter subscription option


  • We will run through the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN and WHY (this one is the most important) around your business
  • Defining your core values and mission statement (reason for existing)
  • Zeroing in on your target audience and how to best serve them
  • Refining how your businesses "acts" and "sounds"
  • Identifying potential future strategic partnerships